Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)

Dedicated product zones unlock new business prospects for exhibitors


Dynamic fringe programme promotes global dialogue and keeps attendees on the pulse of industry


The Shanghai New International Expo Centre show floor was buzzing with business from 11 – 14 October 2017, as the pro audio, lighting and entertainment industry converged at the 15th anniversary of Prolight + Sound Shanghai. The show received an astounding 29,604 visitors this year, a surge of 11.6% compared to the previous edition. The biggest ever exhibition space of 45,000 sqm also hosted 630 companies and brands to uncover the latest advancements and products.


This year’s show attracted the largest number of exhibitors and brands to date with the latest innovations and expertise. They included: Antelope Audio, Audio-Technica, AV Link, BBS, Beta-3, BFC, Concord, Digisynthetic, DGX, Eastern Edison, EM Acoustics, Enewave, Fidek, Great Wall, Harman International, Laon, Lavoce, Lewitt, Litelees, Next-Proaudio, Neutrik, Peavey, Prolyte, RME, SE Audiotechnik, ShowTex, Shure, Soundking, TW Audio, Voice-Acoustic and Yamaha.


Audio-Technica returned to the fair with its AT5047 cardioid condenser microphone and was satisfied with the buyers’ quality. Mr Jerry Woo, General Manager of China Business Development & Marketing Department of the company said: “Through the show, we can open up new sales channels and meet professional buyers. Being in proximity with other well-known audio brands here also enables us to gain a clearer overview of the pro audio market.”


Dedicated product zones unlock new business prospects for exhibitors


Prolight + Sound Shanghai 2017 heralded a fresh approach that increased the focus of the event on key market segments. Numerous exhibitors from the enlarged Recording and Production Zone, as well as the two debut zones for AV entertainment solutions and stage machinery, praised the effectiveness of these areas in helping them connect with their targeted clients.


Antelope Audio, a newcomer from Bulgaria, exhibited at the Recording and Production Zone to seek out new markets in this segment. Ms Nina Teneva, the company’s Business Development Expert, is happy with their first exhibiting experience: “Being situated here is very helpful to us, as it can attract more potential clients from this specific sector who might not have been aware

of our brand before. We have already met with a lot of our targeted buyers, including installers, music audiophiles, professional musicians and small-scale bands.”


BBS Prosound Ltd, a frequent local exhibitor, was eager to capitalise on the exploding market demands in East China through the AV Entertainment Solution Zone. Mr Shulin Tang, Marketing Director of the company commented: “We have always given priority to new products and investment in the East China market, as it is one of the country’s wealthiest regions. Exhibiting here is beneficial in showcasing our innovative microphone series to the lucrative entertainment market in this area.”


Taizhou Yinxing Stage, another Chinese exhibitor from the Stage Machinery Technology Zone, introduced its lightweight YXGS series of stage products at the show. Mr Tianji Wei, General Manager of the company, discussed the advantages of exhibiting here: “Grouping all the stage machinery manufacturers together here is a wonderful idea. Not only can we promote our brand specifically to stage and event experts in East China, we can also learn and acquire new knowledge from our industry peers.”


Dynamic fringe programme promotes global dialogue and keeps attendees on the pulse of industry


Besides the abundant business opportunities, the enlightening fringe programme was also valued by attendees as an important avenue into the fast-growing entertainment market. One of the highlights was the PLSS Academy, where a prestigious line-up of international speakers delivered practical training courses and seminars on 3D audio, acoustics technology, AoIP, lighting design, studio recording, sound systems and event safety.


Mr Johannes Kares, Audio Experience Designer from Sennheiser, was excited to present the AMBEO immersive audio technology for the first time in China during the VPLT Audio Training Course. “With the immense interest in cinematic content and music making in new ways, this is an excellent occasion for attendees to get started in 3D audio production for VR. Sharing about the AMBEO technology here is a win-win situation in terms of promoting our brand visibility and disseminating knowledge to our industry peers.”


Ms Jean Xu, Associate Sound Designer from CCP Games attended the course and was impressed with the relevance of the content. “The speaker achieved a good balance in terms of providing accessible and up-to-date information for both beginners and people like me with some background in interactive audio and VR games. The training gave me renewed insights in the combination techniques of film and gaming applications.”


The Hands on Rigging Seminar, aiming to raise attendees’ safety awareness on rigging, also

received full-house attendance. Speaker Mr Roger Barrett, Special Projects Director of Star Events Ltd, was positive of the event’s impact to the Chinese audience. “With more and more large-scale events in China, professionals from event businesses are getting more exposure to Western technology. The seminar is great in terms of stimulating awareness in rigging safety standards to the Chinese audience. I can’t imagine any other environment better than this to demonstrate our techniques.”


With 19 exhibiting international and local brands in the Concert Sound Arena, this year’s showcase was one of the largest in Asia to date. Leading company SE Audiotechnik, who unveiled one of their best-selling products the M-F3A array system, was flattered with the overwhelming inquiries from customers. Mr Ugis Vilcans, Product & Application Engineer of the company said: “Live demonstration is what actually matters in the live sound market, because people need to hear the performance of the loud speaker systems. Showcasing our systems here is very important as it gives us a lot of direct feedback from our Chinese and Asian customers.”


The Shanghai International Film and Television Technology Forum – Sound (IFTT) closed with resounding success as world-class leaders from AMS Neve, Dolby, E-Coustic Systems, Harman, LAWO, Sennheiser and Shure explored topics on media convergence, multi-channel technology in 3D audio and IP technology. Other concurrent events well-attended by industry peers included the Dante Certification Training @ Shanghai, the 8th National Music Mixing Contest Award & Launching Ceremony, as well as Vision X Network.


Visitors elated with new discoveries and enhanced quality of products


Apart from the numerous inspiring knowledge-sharing platforms, visitors were equally impressed with the comprehensive product line-up and the noticeable increase in the international participating brands this year.


German visitor Mr Sebastian Hayer, Product Purchase Manager PA of Music Store Professional, praised the product internationality and quality of products on offer. “I’ve been visiting the show for five years to source for new PA equipment like microphones, speakers, amplifiers. Nowadays, portable battery-powered speakers are gaining popularity in the market, and I’m happy to have already found some suitable suppliers of good quality from Ningbo and Guangzhou on the first day. Compared to previous editions, this year also gathers more overseas brands and products of higher quality.”


Local buyer Mr Jianguo He, Audio Director of Yihe Culture Communication Co Ltd, also shared about his fruitful sourcing experience at the fair. “As a rental company for audio and lighting equipment, we come to the fair every year to look for new lighting products. I’m particularly impressed with the wider selection of products this year, and I’ve found many local lighting suppliers of satisfactory quality at competitive price ranges.”


The next Prolight + Sound Shanghai will be held from 10 – 13 October 2018. The fair is a brand event of the annual Prolight + Sound exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany. For more information about the Shanghai show, please visit: www.prolightsound.com



Prolight + Sound Shanghai 2017the 15th international fair of technologies and services for events, installation and production will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall  N1-N4 (2345 Longyang Road) on October 11 – 14, 2017.


Prolight + Sound Shanghai 2017 is off to a promising start with a strong exhibitor demand ahead of its 15th anniversary. Held from 11 – 14 October at the Shanghai New Expo Centre, the leading fair for Asia’s entertainment and event industry will return with an enlarged area of 45,000 sqm in four halls. Over 600 companies and brands are expected to demonstrate a wide range of entertainment products and solutions at the fair. 


The entertainment industry in China is still gaining momentum with a notable upswing in the sectors of integrated entertainment solutions, recording and production. In view of this, the show expanded a new hall to incorporate these emerging trends and increase product variety on offer. This will include the debut of the AV Entertainment Solution Zone, as well as expansion of the Recording and Production Zone.


Less than four months ahead of its opening, the show has already garnered extensive support from some of the industry’s biggest names. Participating companies and brands include: Audio-technica, AVID, BBS, Beta-3, DPA, Fidek, GLP, Hai Tian, Harman, KAIFAT, LD Systems, LIGHTLINK, LiteLEES, Maquinas Iberica, Midas, Neutrik, Next-Pro audio, Phonic, Plustruss, Restmoment, SAE, SE Audiotechnik, Shure, Soundking, Superlux, Takstar, TW Audio, Viasho, VUE and Zsound. Newcomers to the edition also include: Antelope, Digisynthetic, EM acoustics, Riedel and Show Tex.


With 600 international brands and companies dominating the show floor, global trade visitors will be to source from a comprehensive array of products across four thematic halls:


       Hall N1 will highlight a full spectrum of products together with an enlarged zone for recording and production.

       Halls N2 and N3 will feature audio products, with the former one being a silent hall.

       Hall N4 will showcase lighting and stage products.


New “AV Entertainment Solution Zone” accommodates surging market demands


As more and more consumers pursue a personalised experience in mini home theatres and karaoke rooms, the demand for integrated entertainment solutions that cater to the specific needs of customers is growing at a staggering rate. To help industry peers capture this market, the brand new “AV Entertainment Solution Zone” will debut in Hall N2 this year. The area will showcase a diverse range of entertainment solutions with KTV kiosks, mini theatres, karaoke servers, headphones, speakers and microphones. Cutting-edge technologies in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 4D motion seats will also be incorporated to create a cinematic experience for attendees. Top participating brands in this zone include Baofeng, BBS, Thunderstone and Wanledi. 


BBS Electronics Co Ltd, one of the exhibitors from the inaugural zone, is thrilled to reveal its latest products to the fair, including the high-end F-80S entertainment microphone and the K-3 microphone for mobile live-streaming purposes. Marketing Director of the company Mr Shulin Tang remarked, “As the karaoke industry is flourishing in China, we believe this is good timing for us to bring our innovative microphone technologies to the audience. We also hope to stay at the forefront of the industry by exchanging market insights with other industry peers through this platform.”


Enlightening training courses and seminars keep attendees abreast of market dynamics


Preparations are well underway for an all-inclusive programme of seminars, forums and demonstration sessions topromote dialogue exchanges and inject innovative possibilities into the industry. Following a successful edition last year with attendance from reputable companies like dBTechnologies, Dolby, Genelec, Sennheiser and Shure, the “Shanghai International Film and Television Technology Forum – Sound” (IFTT) will return in 2017. Organised in collaboration with The Audio Professional Committee of the China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (CSMPTE), the technology-oriented forum aims to promote integration and advancement in the television and broadcasting businesses.


Training remains a key focus of this year’s show. To help attendees keep their fingers on the pulse of the entertainment market, Prolight + Sound Shanghai will organise a series of practical training courses with global associations on 3D audio technology, mixing consoles and lighting design. Signature events like Vision X Network – Product Presentation and the Concert Sound Arena will also return this year. More updates on the show’s programme will be provided closer to the show dates. 



Asia’s leading international industry fair -- Prolight + Sound Shanghai -- will be held from 26 – 29 October 2016 and relocates to halls N1, N2 and N3 of the Shanghai New International Expo Centre.


A completed range of pro audio, lighting, stage and entertainment products on display from more than 500 industry leading brands and companies will be at the fair, occupying 38,000 sqm of exhibition space. Held concurrently are a series of seminars, training courses and live demonstrations which focus on innovative technologies and applications.


Leading brands confirmed for Prolight + Sound Shanghai 2016


A full spectrum of audio and lighting equipment and technologies will be displayed including audio visual systems, professional lighting equipment & technology, special effects, LED and LED display, conference systems, broadcasting equipment, recording and production as well as parts & accessories.


A number of world-class brands have confirmed the presence of their state-of-the-art products and solutions in professional audio and lighting technology. Besides, some Chinese industry leading brands with outstanding product quality and competitive market price will also be shown at this international fair. Some participating brands include:


AIKA, Aiweidy, AKG, Alctron, Audiocenter, Audio-technica, Behringer, beyerdynamic, Big Dipper, BLG, CPL, Chef Cable, csyes, dBTechnologies, deliya, Desam Audio, DGX, DJPOWER, DPA, Emmya, ETC, FDB, Fedyco, Fidek, FS Audio, Global Truss, HARMAN, Hi-Ltte, HMAUDIO, Hotion, Hotwood , ICAN, ISK, JBL, JES, JOLLY, Kaifat, KV2 Audio, LITELEES, JTS, Maxo, Midas, NEXO, nightsun, Qituo, Robert Juliat, SAE, Sennheiser, Soundking, Srexact, SSA, Superlux, Takstar, TASSO, TONOCH, Tonwel, TW Aduio, Vello, Viasho, YAMAHA, YELLOWRIVER, YME, ZSOUND and ZYlight.

New zone to capture recording & production market

A brand new Recording and Production Zone will also be formed in response to a surge in demand of relevant products in the market. With the change in concept and location, participants can gain more opportunities for business, networking and learning.


More than just a trade fair, Prolight + Sound Shanghai is a holistic platform which offers business, education and networking opportunities to all show attendees. A full range of fringe events including industry forums, training courses and live demonstrations will be held concurrently with the show to provide industry peers with business ideas and excellent networking opportunities. Some highly rated programme events such as the Vision X Network production presentation, Recording Technology Forum, VPLT Training Course and Concert Sound Arena will return this year.


If you plan to further expand your business and acquire market intelligence in Asia, Prolight + Sound Shanghai is an excellent choice! Join us this October!


 Golden State Warrior Catwalk truss

PROJECT NAME: 2017-2018 NBA Golden State Warrior Kick-off Ceremony for the New Season

ADDRESS: California,  the United States

COMPLETION DATE: October, 2017

BRIEF: National Basketball Association, is the pre-eminent men`s professional basketball league in North America, where there will be highly-anticipated basketball games held at the opening ceremony for the new season in every year. Golden State Warrior VS Houston Rockets, Cavaliers VS Celtics.

Catwalk truss

The NBA Golden State Warriors basketball hall lighting truss USES the Shinestage stage catwalk. Catwalk frame truss is a new stage, its overall design on the basis of subverts the traditional truss structures from warehousing, transportation, installation, receive, and a series of annoying lock process to solve the low efficiency of the truss construction spot, for large-scale activities, stage construction is a historic innovation which has gained recognition and affirmation from the customers and the users.

Catwalk truss

Shinestage, catwalk frame, according to the international market in 2017 of the latest research and design of fixtures, is a new truss products, because its catwalk frame is on the way of application for a patent. More information about catwalk truss will be presented later on.

Thank you for your attention!



Elation at the Alpha & Omega Church


USA: Total Audio & Visual Solutions (TAVS) was called in to install the lighting system for Alpha & Omega Church’s recently remodelled Next Level Youth ministry auditorium. The Miami-based church was seeking a ‘dynamic, welcoming and energetic’ lighting solution for the younger members of its congregation, to which the local production and rental company supplied an Elation Professional setup.

The lighting solution comprised LED lights and moving heads form Elation’s Platinum Series. Included were 12 SixPar 100 LED par lights with six Lumina Strip LED battens and four TVL 1000 white light LED array panels. Four Rayzor Q12 Zoom LED moving heads and six Platinum Beam 5R Extreme beam lights completed the Elation lighting system alongside an Antari F-1 Fazer that provides haze effects to complement the lighting. The lighting design was put together using the manufacturer’s Compu Show lighting software.

‘This design was specifically for their youth building and we wanted to add a modern touch to their auditorium,’ explains Chris Fernandez, the lighting designer for the project from TAVS. ‘What I wanted to accomplish with the lighting design was to create an environment where it would leave a great impression on anyone who would be a part of the services.’

In addition to youth services, the lighting system is also used for special events and conferences that are hosted in the 1,800-seat auditorium. Therefore ‘the new lighting system needed to be flexible,’ as director of sales at TAVS, Kelvin Burgos recalls. ‘Besides that, we were looking for fixtures that were well designed and of good craftsmanship, as well as a lighting system that was cost effective and easy to maintain.’

The Platinum Beam 5R Extremes were deployed on the ground and truss to set tone and to provide lighting effects, supported by the Rayzor Q12 Zoom wash lights. ‘The moving light and LED fixtures create a fun and energetic environment and the blinders are used to create intimate worship moments or exciting fast chases for the youth,’ adds Mr Fernandez. ‘They enhance the environment and provide a place to welcome new people with a modern new fresh look.’

Meanwhile the TVL 1000 stage lights have been installed above the audience seating area and the SixPar 100 par lights are situated on trussing above the stage to facilitate backlighting and colour washes. ‘Since the clients do a lot of broadcast recording we included TVL 1000 fixtures to create a front TV wash with some SixPar 100 fixtures with barn doors to fill in any gaps,’ details Mr Fernandez, adding that the Lumina Strips are grouped towards the back of the stage with ground truss towers. ‘These fixtures provide a great blinder effect, which can be used to create an intimate or exciting environment.’

TAVS worked in collaboration with Miami-based Elation partner, Freed Sales, for this project. ‘Freed Sales helped with the facilitation of the gear and service,’ reveals Mr Burgos. ‘They always go above and beyond with their service and support.’