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Coventry Cathedral Upgrades with BSS


Conventry, UK (September 11, 2013)—The historic Coventry Cathedral recently upgraded its audio signal distribution system, installing a Harman BSS Audio Soundweb London System. The installation was handled by AV provider RaceTech AV led by Robin Dibble, head of audio engineering. All BSS Audio equipment was supplied by UK Harman distributor Sound Technology, Ltd.


Dibble was in charge of the upgrade to the cathedral’s sound system twenty years ago, so it was an easy decision to bring him back to install the new BSS system. 


“With our original solution, no matter what area of the Cathedral a microphone was plugged into, the system was inherently time aligned in both directions, both up and down the length of the building,” Dibble said. “We used a huge rack of hand-wired summing amps, signal delays and modular automatic microphone mixers.” With the new BSS system, users can do the same with modern digital electronics. “This provides greater reliability, lower energy consumption and lower running costs,” Dibble explained.


Dibble deployed a BSS Audio Soundweb London BLU-160, configured with 16 mic/line inputs. He expanded the routing capability with an 8-input BLU-BIB and two 8-output BLU-BOB breakout boxes. The base for this system is installed in a console near the rear of the cathedral, for use by the clergy. In addition, the equipment rack, which houses the amps, DSP and radio receivers, is in a dedicated room immediately in the back.



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