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Elation at the Alpha & Omega Church


USA: Total Audio & Visual Solutions (TAVS) was called in to install the lighting system for Alpha & Omega Church’s recently remodelled Next Level Youth ministry auditorium. The Miami-based church was seeking a ‘dynamic, welcoming and energetic’ lighting solution for the younger members of its congregation, to which the local production and rental company supplied an Elation Professional setup.

The lighting solution comprised LED lights and moving heads form Elation’s Platinum Series. Included were 12 SixPar 100 LED par lights with six Lumina Strip LED battens and four TVL 1000 white light LED array panels. Four Rayzor Q12 Zoom LED moving heads and six Platinum Beam 5R Extreme beam lights completed the Elation lighting system alongside an Antari F-1 Fazer that provides haze effects to complement the lighting. The lighting design was put together using the manufacturer’s Compu Show lighting software.

‘This design was specifically for their youth building and we wanted to add a modern touch to their auditorium,’ explains Chris Fernandez, the lighting designer for the project from TAVS. ‘What I wanted to accomplish with the lighting design was to create an environment where it would leave a great impression on anyone who would be a part of the services.’

In addition to youth services, the lighting system is also used for special events and conferences that are hosted in the 1,800-seat auditorium. Therefore ‘the new lighting system needed to be flexible,’ as director of sales at TAVS, Kelvin Burgos recalls. ‘Besides that, we were looking for fixtures that were well designed and of good craftsmanship, as well as a lighting system that was cost effective and easy to maintain.’

The Platinum Beam 5R Extremes were deployed on the ground and truss to set tone and to provide lighting effects, supported by the Rayzor Q12 Zoom wash lights. ‘The moving light and LED fixtures create a fun and energetic environment and the blinders are used to create intimate worship moments or exciting fast chases for the youth,’ adds Mr Fernandez. ‘They enhance the environment and provide a place to welcome new people with a modern new fresh look.’

Meanwhile the TVL 1000 stage lights have been installed above the audience seating area and the SixPar 100 par lights are situated on trussing above the stage to facilitate backlighting and colour washes. ‘Since the clients do a lot of broadcast recording we included TVL 1000 fixtures to create a front TV wash with some SixPar 100 fixtures with barn doors to fill in any gaps,’ details Mr Fernandez, adding that the Lumina Strips are grouped towards the back of the stage with ground truss towers. ‘These fixtures provide a great blinder effect, which can be used to create an intimate or exciting environment.’

TAVS worked in collaboration with Miami-based Elation partner, Freed Sales, for this project. ‘Freed Sales helped with the facilitation of the gear and service,’ reveals Mr Burgos. ‘They always go above and beyond with their service and support.’